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Dr. Rose Martin
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"A Body of Wisdom" offers the following services. Please feel free to email Dr. Rose if you do not see the service you are looking for.

Dr. Rose specializing in thyroid condition including WTS evaluation & T3 therapy prescriptions.

Complete physical exams: including physical exams & comprehensive lab work including PAPs. Sports physicals. Referrals for Bone density, CXR, Mammogram, EKGs, Ultrasounds, Doppler studies, CT scans & MRI studies if needed.

Specialty tests: Heavy metal testing, Comprehensive digestive stool analysis, Parasite testing, Salivary &/or blood tests for hormone analysis, Allergy testing, Nutritional analysis, Blood type testing & Food sensitivity analysis.

Bioidentical hormone evaluation & prescriptions.

Weight loss program & Nutritional evaluation: including Body Mass Index analysis.
Blood type testing & Complete Blood Type diet, including secretor status.
Immune & Cancer support: IV Nutritional support. B12 & B complex injections. Medical food & Vitamins. "Transitions" body composition & wt. management class.

Detoxification program & Heavy Metal oral chelation.

Pain management: Microcurrent, Ultrasound, Massage, Naturopathic Manipulation techniques & Hydrotherapy.

Naturopathic Physician: Dr. Rose M. Martin, ND

Thai Massage & Therapeutic Massage: Beth Biggs, LMT

Reiki: Nicole Sensabaugh-Dries, Reiki-Seichim Master

Office Manager: Gary J. Spencer

Herbal medicine: We stock an extensive line of "physician line" products: Organic tinctures & hypoallergenic encapsulated formulas. We carry: Metagenics, Standard Process & Mediherb, Wise Woman, Eclectic, Pure encapsulations, Thorne, Metabolic Maintenance, Tyler & Integrated Therapeutics, Nordic Naturals & Omnivite. Special orders & shipping upon request.

Homeopathics: Comprehensive Homeopathic intakes & prescription.